Small Groups

“and they devoted themselves
to the apostle’s teaching and the fellowship,
to the breaking of bread and the prayers”
Acts 2:42

Why Small Groups
Are you interested in joining a small group? Small groups help people connect in relationship, so they can grow spiritually. Studying God’s Word, striving to become more like Jesus, and making God’s love real are the focus of Bartlett Chapel’s small groups. These groups typically meet every week or every other week, discussing a book and/or video Bible study.

Currently, during COVID, some of our groups are meeting through Zoom while other groups are meeting in-person while maintaining safe COVID protocols. We have also created new small groups, both Zoom-based and in-person. The invitation to join a small group is open to everyone! To those who do not live locally and join us regularly for worship through Facebook Live, please consider joining us in small group fellowship by joining one of our Zoom groups. We would love to have you!

Many of our groups have begun Lenten studies, discussing titles which include:

  • The Art of Hospitality by Yvonne Gentile and Debi Nixon
  • Hebrews: Grace and Gratitude by David deSilva
  • He Chose the Nails: What God Did to Win Your Heart by Max Lucado
  • The Way: Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus by Adam Hamilton

Please read the information on this page, and if you have further questions, use the contact information located at the bottom of this page to connect with our Small Group Coordinator.

Three Essentials to Every Small Group

  1. Share our lives and support one another – We want to cultivate deep relationships, rooted in authenticity that create a culture of care.
  2. Study God’s Word – We want to build a strong foundation on the truth of God’s Word, that results in spiritual growth and maturity.
  3. Serve our community – We want to make God’s love real to those in our community who do not know Christ. When we serve together, we grow together.

When and where do small groups meet?
Small groups meet typically on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings. Currently, during COVID, some of our groups are meeting through Zoom while other groups are meeting in-person while maintaining safe COVID protocols. We are also creating new small groups, both Zoom-based and in-person.

How often do small groups meet?
The program involves small groups meeting two to three times per month, with at least one week off during the month. Most groups will meet 20 to 25 times throughout the year.

How long do small groups last?
Our initial small group session aligned with the Lenten season, beginning in early March and lasting about twelve weeks. A fall session is currently taking place, with an Advent study by Adam Hamilton, titled Incarnation, to begin soon.

What does each small group look like?
The number of people in each group was determined on how many initially registered to participate in the small group program. Eight to ten members in each group is the average. Each small group meets for approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. This time includes relationship building, Bible study, and group discussion.

Is childcare provided?
No, small groups are for adults. Parents are responsible for arranging childcare during small group. This includes hiring a babysitter, coordinating childcare with other families in the group, or swapping childcare with another group meeting on another night.

How are groups selected?
There is no magic formula for assigning members to a group. Some factors used include schedules, geographic location, stage of life, group size, and dynamics.

Do I have to be a member of the church to join a small group?
Membership in the church is not required. Sharing our lives and growing in the word of God is!

I’m interested and would like more information
Contact our Small Group Coordinator, Todd Griffith. You may reach him at 317-908-7121 or